Useful Resources

Hello and welcome to “Become a Lawyer at Korea Law School”! Quite a mouthful, I’m sure but it doesn’t take away anything from the wealth of gravitas that it truly aims to impart. Learning the law is one of the more difficult and worthwhile things that one can choose to do.

If you are one such person and you’ve got Korea in your sights as a choice for your potential tutor of the law, it would be wise to have some resources that you can check back on every now and then. Now that we’re on that vein of thought, I came to the decision to share some useful online resources that I hope will come in handy for you:


If you want pertinent discussions about law in general and those specific to certain issues which are at the forefront of international news, this is one website that you really should be looking at. They also provide a pretty good overview of the legal situation in various countries.

Of course, if you wanted to consider studying law in Korea, it is important that you get a better understanding of this country. The best way to do that would be to utilize their government website to obtain any information that could be useful to facilitate any visas or paperwork.

Having reliable resources is quite important if you’re aiming to delve into the somewhat heavy world of legalities. Do you have any online leads or useful resources that you fall back on? Share them and I’ll update the list to reflect that.