Common Stressors That Come With a Stint at Law School

When it comes to the life of a law student, things can get pretty heavy and rather hectic. There is a reason why the common image of a law student would be someone hunched over tons of different law books with their laptop, a small mountain of notes, and probably their 4th or 5th cup of coffee for that day.

The life of a law student has a lot of stressors that come as parcel and package with it. I’m here to let you know about them now:

Harsh Deadlines

If you have ever been to school, you will know about deadlines for assignments and projects. However, I sincerely doubt that those deadlines come with the amount of stress that law school deadlines carry. You will have multiple classes which all have heavy reading loads and written assignments and projects.

It is highly likely that many of those classes will share the same deadline. So it’s a lot like trying to juggle 10 things while you have one hand tied behind your back, and you’re balancing on one foot. It may sound a tad excessive but that’s a pretty accurate picture.

Difficult Recitations

A lawyer’s weapons are usually their words and their ability to think fast. In order to hone that, it is crucial for law schools to test out the mettle of their students through on the spot recitations. These will require recalling pertinent details at the drop of a hat and building counter arguments on the fly.

As you progress through law school, you will know that these recitations do not get easier. Your professors will make sure that they will weed out your weaknesses and make you highly aware that they exist to begin with. After all, your ability to think on the fly and adjust your oral arguments can literally mean the difference to someone’s righteous freedom.

These two common stressors that I have mentioned are only the very tip of a rather large and expansive iceberg. It is important to know which stress exists in order to suitably build ways to address it. Now I want to know what you think. What are other common stressors that comes parcel and package with a stint in law school?

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