Outstanding Issues In Korea that Need Brilliant Lawyers

Every nation does have its own issues. This blog does aim to discuss the topic of Law and Law School. It also aims to touch upon Law Schools in Korea. While that may be a little odd to you, it’s something that I care quite a bit about.

So in an effort to harmonize my core topics, I wanted to discuss some outstanding issues in Korea which I feel will continue to need brilliant lawyers. Issues like:

Medical Malpractice


South Korea is touted to be the new plastic surgery capital of the world. This is one particular society which places a high value on physical beauty and so more and more people are trying to get their hands on whatever improvements they can.

This also means that there has been a significant rise in “medical practitioners” which either cut corners or do not have the actual expertise to do surgery. The result is that there are so many citizens which end up with substandard results or even catastrophic ones. They need brilliant lawyers to protect those people—of if you like—protect the practitioners.

Unlawful Termination Cases


Korea’s society believes that its working class needs to work at a breakneck pace, to keep complaints nonexistent, and to simply accept final decisions that are made about their employment. This, of course, breeds the perfect mix for a lot of unlawful termination cases.

Those that have been subjected to unlawful terminations tend to have an extremely hard time to find any sort of new job that’s at the same pay level as before. So people are being forced to live in a lesser state than they deserve. This is a case that is definitely worth fighting.

There are a lot of different outstanding issues in Korea. They will always be a need for highly competent legally versed individuals. If you are thinking of becoming a lawyer in Korea, what other outstanding legal issues do you think need to be addressed?