About Me

One of the quotes that really made me think about the necessity ad validity of law would have to be from Abraham Lincoln. He postulated that if one person has already made up their minds to become an actual lawyer, they are more than halfway done in that respect.

Hello! My name is Cindy Stites and welcome to my blog! I understand that the name might be long but I hope that you can look past that and see the true value that I am espousing. I am in the firm belief that becoming a lawyer is something that is actually quite noble and extremely difficult.

You see, history has shown that it takes a person of a different caliber altogether, to truly become a lawyer. There are numerous ups and downs which come with choosing to become a lawyer and that many decisions that must be made before, during, and even after the fact.

It is my express hope that the words I share here will help to provide a good guide and a deeper pool of understanding regarding lawyers, law schools, law schools in Korea, and the general decision to become a full defender of the law.

If there is anything that you would like to ask or would like for me to discuss, send it any questions or concerns at help@orealawschool.com.