Dean's welcome

It is with a sense of continuity and change that we are planning for the next century of Korea University School of Law. Over the past century, we have had the good fortune of attracting the strongest and most competent elites of this country. Our graduates are shaping our nation. This is not an overstatement. They occupy important posts in the judiciary, in the government, and in the society. We do not doubt that this proud tradition will continue in the next century and beyond.

There is one thing that our students all share. it is a firm conviction about the worth of their contributions and the weight of their responsibilities to their fellow citizens. Academic excellence and professional thoroughness are the values which our students all learn to treat with the highest esteem. Korea University School of Law strives to provide an excellent learning environment. We are constantly investing in improving our resources for learning, teaching and research.

Korea University School of Law, He first establishment of legal education in the country is a caring and supportive academic community. I look forward to welcoming you. The invitation is for you to take.